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A Bow Tie for Bruno Mars

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Its been 7 months since that question echoed throughout my entire body...... "Would you ever be interested in making a bow tie for Bruno Mars?" Asked Jora Deziel Bart from the Excel Energy Center.......

It was at the Lowes Hotel in Minneapolis where I was experiencing my first show, the launching of my business, with high hopes of a few sales and some good response to my products. Little did I know that this laid back blonde that was looking over everything had a vision that would consume my mind for the next 7 months!! Of course without any hesitation I answered her with a calm "Yes, I would be interested ." Trying to keep the excitement to myself. We exchanged business cards and she was gone-Just like that! The rest of that evening was a  blur . I wanted to explode!! 

The months ahead were filled with the design planning for the Bow Ties. At Jora's request I started with our Peacock Bow "Blue Eyes" it's just a winner all around. It's iridescent qualities pop and will be a flamboyant accessory for the pop star when he dresses up in a black tux or a bright blue throw back dinner jacket.

Next I wanted to add  "Maestro".  After all Bruno leads in the pop category! Designed for him exclusively, this black and white bow exudes red carpet attention and will be as unique as the star himself!! I hope to see him wear this one to an awards ceremony!

Lastly, another exclusive, risky, yet - isn't that Bruno? Here's a guy that is a fashion icon and it's because he knows how to push fashion to the edge without going over! So I designed a color punched Bow with a Chinese brocade wrap and named it Grant Avenue after the oldest artery in San Francisco's China Town. This Bow is infused with a more exotic feel from a far away place. Perfect for party going!  Truly  a conversation starter!

Presentation was as important as the contents. I wanted Bruno to see my brand so I kept the packaging true to Bird Dog Studios and started with a wooden box with an antler handle. I customized  the box with sections to hold the collection, stained and painted the outside then hand sewed black velvet pillows for everything to rest on. But ..... what about his fedoras? I included 6 hat pins for his extensive collection of hats.....and yes, he still wears them!

To personalize the box I tied it with a rich satin ribbon overlaid with a gold metallic feather print and added a wooden hand painted medallion with 24k Magic World Tour ( his concert logo) on it.

I am over the moon excited for Bruno to be presented with this collection on August 5th, 2017....... its like "Magic"!!!!!!!



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